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Plushy Pals Fundraiser or Family Activity

Have your next fundraiser or family activity with Plushy Pals!

Plushy Pals is a fun and easy fundraiser or family activity for your group to host. Plushy Pals will supply everything you need to run a successful event!

Your Group Is Responsible For:

  • Pre-select 6 to 8 animal shells

  • Determine cost to families, if applicable

  • Determine if hand stuffing or machine stuffed*

  • Promote and collect orders

  • Email Plushy Pals all orders two weeks before event

  • Pay Plushy Pals

  • Provide a copy of their Letter of Determination with Federal ID number in order to not be charged tax if your group is tax-exempt.


Plushy Pals Is Responsible For:

  • Creating flyer for your group (optional)

  • Each animal will include: shell of student’s choosing, stuffing, heart insert, birth certificate & tote.

  • Plushy Pals will direct ship or deliver**


*Discounted rates for large orders.  Contact us for special rates

*Additional fee of $25 for stuffing machine

**Additional fees for S&H and/or delivery may apply

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